Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My stomach is not so good today. It started yesterday morning- I don't know what it is really. But did I mention to you all that I was violently ill TWICE on my honeymoon? Oh yes, twice. The luckiest of them all right here. Let's be honest though, Ben got the short end of that stick. He actually held my hair back as I vomited over the side of our bed the morning after our wedding. Lovely. haha! You're stuck with me now babe!

Yes, I took some expired Zinc the morning after our wedding and was violently ill for about 8 hours. We went to Urgent Care that day because I was so dehydrated that I couldn't walk...our first day in honeymoon bliss. We sat in the waiting room for over an hour. Luckily it only lasted 8 hours. But three days later, after enjoying a wonderful day at our all-inclusive resort on the beach of Playa Mujeres, I ended up right back in the same spot- brand new hubby holding my hair back. I was up all night, pacing back and forth from the bathroom to the bed. Decided to just wait this one out and about 8 hours later I was good to go. No other symptoms. Just horrifically ill.

Well, today my stomach is bringing back not-so-lovely memories of our glorious honeymoon. There weren't very many sad memories, but those were two of our not-as-great ones. :) It's not anything like that right now- I'm not violently ill at all. Just having some stomach problems. And I'm supposed to run 5 miles today!!! With my boss no less! Ha...this could get ugly. "Um...you go ahead, I'm gonna stop at this gas station for a bit...but I'll catch up! Yeah, it's just a leg cramp. That's it..." lol

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