Sunday, December 13, 2009

3 Miles

So it ended up being a three mile run on Thursday- and I felt pretty good. I could have gone four probably, but I hadn't run for a while, so I didn't want to push my knees...they were a bit achey the entire time. I'm gonna try to go run 4 today and then I have 5 on Tuesday with my boss and another coworker.

Ben and I went to my parent's annual wine tasting Christmas party last night! They have become famous for their parties, this was no exception. Last year the food was more elaborate, and this year they asked guests to bring a dessert to share, as well as a white elephant gift! So it was much more relaxed and casual. But those parties wear me out! I'm a talker for sure, I've always been really social...but when it's 75 people of which most know me...that's a lot of talking! We answered a ton of questions about the honeymoon, married life, newlywed drama- the lot. I think it's hysterical when someone comes up to us and asks how the newlywed life is going and if we're happy. What if Ben and I just started off with "Oooh, yeah, it's been tough. Before the wedding things were good, but since...we've been struggling quite a bit. A lot of fighting, much more bickering- it's not good..." Hahaha, I'd love to see there faces! That's not at all how we feel thank goodness. But those questions are really rhetorical- there's one answer allowed: "Oh we're so great! We're having a lot of fun, furnishing the house, decorating, settling in after so much wedding planning! And what's that? The honeymoon? Oh it was to die for. Incredibly relaxing and way too much fun for two people. We didn't want to come home. Oh no, we're glad to be home now, don't worry! We love our home! Yes, incredibly happy newlyweds!" Luckily for everyone, that's pretty close to our honest answer. So it's not too weird. :) Maybe a bit of the bickering from the former answer...but mostly just happy. We're human, right?

Does anyone notice how saying "I do" can make people a little more honest? I mean, I hate to admit it. But I think I'm a little more open to saying what's on my mind now that Ben's the "husband" and not the "boyfriend". I don't want to do the dishes? "I cooked, you do the dishes!" I don't want to scoop the litter box? "She's your cat too, you should do it"... I've always been the type to blurt out anything that comes to my mind, but since the wedding I think I've lost even more of my "filter". I need to keep that in check! He's just too good for me to go bickering at him because it's pops into my head. I love that man!

Oh yes, I was going to tell you about the white elephant gift exchange! There were probably 70 people doing this, so it was quite the event. We're sitting outside in the Arizona winter, the fire was going, the space heaters were swarmed. My Dad is of course standing in front of everyone commanding their attention- leading the event. He calls my number and I pick a present (I'm within the first few people), and I got a cute little martini glass with watches and clocks on it that says "It's Five O' Clock Somewhere" which is so true, so I'm elated at my gift. ;) and then the game continues. ...Probably an hour and 15 minutes later, poor Ben's number hasn't been called. I've already gone back inside three times to refill my wine glass. He's just out there waiting, shivering (which is funny because I wasn't all that cold and I had a $10 jacket on...which I got at Ross, love it). FINALLY they call Ben's number, but we had been plotting for quite some time. A gift was unwrapped about 45 minutes ago that was perfect for us...we had to have it. And the best part, my Dad stole it about 15 minutes ago so HE was the proud owner! But there was one more steal left in that gift, so if Ben took it- it was ours for good. He climbed up to stand next to my Dad, introduced himself as the man who married Mike's beautiful daughter, and proceeded to steal the MULLET WIG right off of my Dad's head! It was too good. Especially when Ben explained to the whole group that he already has a mullet wig at home, and he needed to get a matching one for his darling wife! Wonderful. I wore it for the next 5 minutes, then promptly removed it from my head remembering that the mullet wig was in fact someone elses before it was mine...gross. haha! Merry Christmas! :)