Thursday, May 6, 2010


I'm writing on a new blog now. I'll stop back by this one from time to time to write about endo, life, marriage, Tayla, Ben, the whole lot. But I'm going to be writing on that blog quite a bit now. It's anonymous, but you might be able to tell it's me. I'm going to follow a lot of you still who I have been reading from this blog... know I'm thinking about you, even if you don't see my name on any comments. It might still be me :)


Jeanne said...


Good luck!


Amanda and Tim said...

Ah Amy, I shall miss these posts, as I have these past few months, but you are always in my thoughts xx

I'm, too, at a new home on the internet, but have put my old blogger name here so you know who I am ;o)

Good Luck with everything and do keep in touch, once in a while, even if it is anonymously xx

My Endo Journey said...

Ahhhh man!! Miss ya!

Steve said...

Wow. Unfortunately I've found this blog just a bit too late. This sounds to me almost exactly like a friend of mine who I am helping wage the battle against endometriosis. But this is all new to me, and as a guy, there is only so much I can understand.

She turned 25 this past Monday, we went out to dinner and had a great time. Unfortunately, I spent the last few days with her in and out of the er and icu directly and indirectly due to complications related to endometriosis.

I'm trying hard to help her fight this battle, But sadly, she seems to have given up and has become content with a life revolving around being in pain and frequent trips to the er. This consumes so much of her life that she is unable to hold down a job and has a difficult time being a mother to her 4-year-old, although she is a great mommy with what she has to work with.

Can anyone tell me where to find ReadyGo's new blog? I'm trying very hard to help my friend fight this battle, but I hardly know where to start and would like some help.


Jeanne said...


I don't know her other blog but I emailed you some info you may find helpful for your friend.

Take care,


sophia smith said...

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honeyclarck said...

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Liz Richner said...

Hello--just reaching out because your story sounds so much like mine, and I'm wondering if you've gotten any answers, especially about your "rib pain."

I'm two weeks into Lupron injections with a "presumptive diagnosis" of pulmonary endometriosis, in addition to the confirmed pelvic endo and removal of ovarian mass...

Not to mention being totally sidelined by this disease after running two back-to-back marathons in Oct and Nov 2011.

Would love an update and any help/advice you can share.

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