Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Endometriosis Awareness!

What an awful, awful blogger I am. I've been gone for months! BUT...what better time to come back then the last week of Endometriosis Awareness Month? It's constantly on my mind, believe me. Even though I really would prefer that it's not because endo is mainly on my mind due to some pain or discomfort...but I'm so proud to say that I'm part of the endo community. It's a strong group, a powerful population! I mean, think about it. There aren't a lot of people who can say they've been through what we've been through. From the doubling-over pain, to the awkward digestive problems, to the devastating fertility loss. Most of us have faced insurmountable odds, and we're still here. We're still walking, breathing, being. And we're standing up to say "hear us- we have a story to tell, we're not alone, and we're incredibly important"! Ladies, all of you are so impressive to me. The stories I read, the heartache, the tears, the pain, and the victory, keep me going. Without this community of women who have been through what I'm going through, I don't know where I'd be or how I'd be doing. I'm incredibly grateful.

Along with that, I have to give a shout-out to the husbands, the boyfriends, the parents, siblings, friends and family- all of the people who have supported an endometriosis sufferer. It's not an easy spot to be, watching a loved one suffer on the inside without signs of pain on the outside. This disease is a hidden monster, and without the love of my family, friends, and wonderful husband- I could not have realized all of my victories! One foot in front of the other, breathe in and breathe out. Cry. Smile. And keep going.

Remember us this last week of March...and beyond. I'm thinking of all of those strong and powerful women who are suffering today, and everyday. Keep fighting, the battle continues!


Sonja said...

Great post!! You rock!!

Amanda and Tim said...

Glad to see you're around still *hugs*, thinking of you as always and hoping that things are going well?! xx

KC said...

We are amazing aren't we!

mark said...

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