Saturday, March 12, 2011


Rebecca said...

Hi - I'm a freelance writer working on an article about endometriosis. I plan to pitch it to a major health magazine. Can I talk to you about what you've been through? Please check my website -- I'm legit -- and contact me if you're willing. Not trying to sell you anything at all! Just would like to share your story as an aneecdote for my piece. I appreciate any help you can give me. - Rebecca Williams

maryannlekas said...

My name is Maria Lekas or
I have a long email I want to send you........I was an Olympic Triathlete....2004, representing greece. I live in the us.I have dual citizenship...I have read your blogs and want to share you with you information that I know will make sense to you.....especially your gluten and wheat concerns or questions....but yes, for endo, stay away from it..and some other triggers foods...anyhow...My OBGYN was a stanford grad, Dr. Lisa Bhagan,her boyfriend swam for Stanford too....My best friend Layne Beaubien, like my big brother, although we are the same age...played polo for stanford and is still the captain of the USA water polo team..and I have just been diagnosed with severe endo....a lot of bowel and digestive issues...and 4 colonscopies later......and every advanced gastro test known to man....mayo clinic AZ..god our stories are similar....and well....please contact me. 858-752-0922. I will try to find your get you my email...this blog thing only allows certain number of characters.

Mah Perkins said...

Oh may dear, you have no idea just how close your blog hits home. I'm a now 54 year old house wife who spent time in the navy having to put up with endometrioisis and what I've not found out is Graves diease. I would like to touch base with you. I have been fighting with an alergy to meds for years. I'm now on my third medication for high blood pressure because of that alergy. I could post all of the details but I think e-mailing or blogging would be better. Please contact me.
Robin (Mah) Perkins

Gatesben said...

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manoj bhaker said...

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AlexisAR said...

When I first read your profile, I saw that you graduated from Stanford in 2004 and that you're 25. It didn't occur to me that you could be one of those posters such as I who posts a profile and doesn't update it unless the Angel Moroni shows up somewhere and commands me to do so. I assumed you were a baby genius who graduated from Stanford at the age of 16 or so. Then I clicked back a few pages and saw that the blog has been around for a few years.

I'm graduating from a UC campus as a young-looking 19-year-old this spring, and I receive the occasional odd stare even under my circumstances. Your situation, if you actually graduated from Stanford (where I hope to enroll in med school in the fall if I'm fortunte enough to be accepted intomy first-choice school, BTW) so young, would be practically Doogie Howser material.

Then again, maybe you didn't update your profile and really are a baby genius.

Either way, I hope help can be found for your endometriosis.

In awe if you're a baby genius and with admiration regardless,


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