Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I went to see the Mayo Clinic GYN yesterday and had a very interesing appointment. Dr. Kho was really nice and very concerned, which is refreshing. She had already talked to the internal medicine doctor about my issues and that was also really great to hear. We went over some of my history and she did an exam, which is always lovely with endometriosis. Then the interesting part: I explained my concerns with the right upper quadrant pain and the shoulder referral pain- and my confusion about what it was linked to. She pretty immediately expressed her opinion that it's endometriosis, and then very quickly went into the idea of having another surgery to check out my diaphragm and remove the endo. The last GYN I saw told me that doing any endo removal up around the diaphragm is way too risky, but Dr. Kho talked for quite a while about her confidence in the Mayo Clinic robotic surgery division, and the oncologist they would have perform this surgery. Apparently he can do everything- some sort of super doctor. He would be the surgeon because of the possibilities of bowel resection, diaphragm involvement, and emergency repairs that could come with all of that. She really seemed to think that having another surgery was a good idea, but left it with me being in charge of deciding "when it's too much to bear" and when we should go in and try again. I'm definitely a little concerned about having another surgery after the last one did nothing but cause more problems...

Another fun fact I learned at this visit is that I have kidney stones, and apparently the internal med doctor missed that when she went over my lab results. What? How do you miss that? I had explained the radiating pain, and they tested for calcium in my urine...and it came back positive apparently. So Dr. Kho said she'd follow up with the internist to make sure I get a call about that and an appointment with a urologist. Fun fun. Why do I have kidney stones? What's WRONG with me?!?!?!

Exciting news: I went to the gym last night! That's right, Ben took me to the gym and acted as my trainer for the day. It was great. He was a really good motivator and also was gentle, so I'm not too down on myself. It was absolutely embarrassing though- I couldn't do assisted pull-ups. Assisted!!! I had a lot of trouble with squats too. I'm just sad about the whole thing. I'm so shaky and weak. But I'm going back tomorrow! :)


judycolby said...

Kidney stones, muscle weakness, uh oh, more Cushing's symptoms. I'm sorry you're going through so much right now. But it sounds like you have some fun trips planned real soon, so that's always good for the spirit.

Amanda said...

It sounds like your appointment was far more productive than any of your previous ones, which I am glad to hear. I'm sorry to hear about the kidney stones and another surgery for you though!

Way to go on getting to the gym - that in itself is a huge achievement, never mind that you struggled with certain things - I feel very proud for you!!

My Endo Journey said...

Ahhh, the plot thickens. I am so sorry none of this has been simple. I'm glad that the Mayo GYN took interest and I am surprisingly shocked about two Dr.'s having a convo about a patient. What a novel concept!!!! :)

Anyway, it sounds like you have a busy few months, with lots of fun things to help keep your mind busy. I would definitely hang on to the idea of surgery and just see how things go with your cushing's Dr. It sucks that the two things are so vastly different...yet, some of the same symptoms! Sometimes I feel like I need a House, MD (have you seen that show?).

THinking of you!!! I hope the other appointments come up with more answers. And, although 6 months seems long to you for check ups, I'm glad the original Dr. wants to keep an eye on things and isn't dismissing you totally!!!

ErinLynn said...

this is probably going to sound odd but i'm so glad i found your blog. i've been battling endometriosis for the last 14 years. Yes! Since I was 12!! I'm enjoying reading your blogs and noticing all of the things we have in common. Proud to know you are a strong woman and are sharing your hardships with others. I will be following your blog!

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