Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vegas, Baby!

Ben and I got home from Vegas last night after a totally amazing Valentine's Day weekend! We stayed at the Encore, a new 5-Star resort right next to the Wynn on the strip. Loved it! Add that to the list of things that make me smile: a wonderful weekend away with my baby :) We went to La Reve, ate at several totally delicious restaurants, had the most gorgeous suite, walked up and down the strip countless times, and gambled gambled gambled! We ended up pretty much even on the weekend as far as gambling goes, too, so that's pretty good. We won big on Black Jack, but lost quite a bit on slots :)

Update on the Cushing's Question: I got my appointment with the Mayo Clinic endocrinologist moved up to next Tuesday which is nice. I was going to hate waiting til March. So I'll get my test results and know the next steps in a week. I'm guessing these results are going to come back normal, but I'm going to push for more Cushing's testing, as well as for another direction (what else could be causing these lousy symptoms?) Hopefully he'll have some insight. I will also probably look more seriously into going to see Dr. Freidman in California. I am starting to gather a list of symptoms that cycle, in case they do in fact link to Cushing's disease. If the tests come back abnormal, and the doctor in fact thinks we need to move on with the Cushing's diagnosing, I'm going to have to think hard about a surgeon. The one I met at Mayo wasn't very comforting. And I just heard a really bad story about a really highly recommended neurosurgeon in AZ, and I don't feel comfortable with that one now either. I guess we'll just wait and see.

I also am supposed to have an appt. with a GYN at Mayo tomorrow, but they've rescheduled on me twice now. I have had the WORST luck with gynecologists in AZ. I won't be seeing her now until March 16th. I've been on birth control now for over a week and it's going pretty well. I'm noticing some changes from the Lupron already. I'm not as irritable (still get mood swings, but not nearly as bad). I'm also just happier. I had forgotten that I was quite a bit happier back before Lupron. I'm hoping that I'll lose some weight now that I'm off of it, but haven't so far. I've gained 5 pounds in the last week...but I did go to Vegas this weekend. So maybe I'll start to lose this week??? :) haha.


nanapama said...

I'm with you, girl. Lots of things to smile about.

judycolby said...

Good luck next Tuesday. It would be nice if you could use an endo close to home.

Lisa said...

Glad you had such a great weekend! I'm sure it helped to get your mind of things! :) My surgery on Wed was kind of a bummer. They didn't find any endo. So I still have un-explained pain and un-answered questions. Maybe I need to pray more? Hope your appt goes well next week!!!

My Endo Journey said...

Yeah, Vegas will do it to you ;) Even with all that walking!!! I heard that hotel was amazing! Sounds fun!

Glad you'll be getting some more answers soon...or, at least a better direction!!

Jess said...

Little baby friend ..... The answer to your peanut problems will come to you soon. I'm glad you had so much fun in vegas with bean!!!!!

Jeanne said...


I just plugged your blog on twitter.


endochick said...


How's it going?

You haven't written since Feb. 17th and was just curious how everything turned out. Hope you're doing OK.

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